leveloneservers - review 2021 - 4 month

good afternoon

I come to give a little review about leveloneservers.com

I hired my first server 4 months ago, taking advantage of a promotion here in the forum.

The attention from the leveoneservers team is first class, they are always attentive to any request or any help regarding the choice of hardware / software.

I currently have 4 servers, 3 dual xeon E5-26XX with 128gb ram 1tb ssd.

I have running at least 70 vm windows without any problem.

the network is pretty good little breastfeeding for my clients from South America.

I have had a couple of issues, but the support team has been there to support at all times and it has been resolved satisfactorily.

I recently had some ddos problems, the support from the networking team was excellent and they were able to filter the attack and my server was always online.

I hope they keep improving and thank you very much for the service.

100% Hardware
100% support
100% customer service

Thanks @Ian_Dot_Tech #amit177 and @LevelOneServers support team!

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