A Walk Down Storage VMs

Hello world!

I read lowendtalk from time to time, and I decided to make an account and be more active in this great community. So, greetings people.

I work on a research project using Hetzner servers and I use their storage-boxes for the daily data backups. Borg backup and rsync ftw. (By the way I am a huge fan of Hetzner, I have used their servers on many projects, either for personal or for commercial use, having some servers keep running straight since 2013 and I only have good things to say about them.)

However, having the horsepower and the backups on the same provider, (in this case in the same DC) is not the greatest idea ever ( https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-ovh-fire-idUSKBN2B20NU )

In the past I have suggested to my company to work with rsync.net for redundancy, however in this case due to the non profit nature of this project, I was sure I can find something cheaper. And I also do not like the idea of not controlling the backup machine. So, since I am a server junkie, I began looking for high storage VMs in the range of 1-5TB, trying to figure out how much storage, performance and reliability, limited money can buy for backup redundancy.

What I understand is that at the moment, on average 5EUR / TB is pretty common, but you can find good providers below that, depending on your location and needs. Also, reality surpassed my expectations for the providers I tried so far.

By the way, this is far from being some kind of benchmark. For shared resources and especially for a storage VM, benchmarking does not make much sense. It's also far from being a complete list. I also did not bother reading their AUP, as I store compressed-encrypted-backups-of-boring-data.

So, I am a random guy at a random day trying a few providers that I found on LET and I just share my experience for anyone who also seeks for low budget/high storage and wants to take a walk among these providers to see with whom they fit better. I also want to learn from/about others.

If you are a provider and you offer high storage VMs, and you don't find yourself here, I apologize for not finding you earlier, I would be more than happy to buy your VM for a drive. I am interested to know more about your services for this or future projects.
If you are a user who has positive or negative experience with any storage provider, please share your thoughts.

I found available Ryzen KVM on New Jersey 4TB storage with 10TB bandwidth 2GB RAM (borg backup can be memory hungry) for $13.27. There are 2 services "RBox" and "RBox Local". I bought both of them and I found out that RBox Local has lower IO latency.

To be honest I did not expect much at first for this price, however I was surprised by the performance and the capacity for such a low monthly amount. letbox proved to be an excellent choice.

My only issue is that network latency between Hetzner and New Jersey is pretty high so I wish letbox offers servers in EU in the future.

I found a "Penguin Storage Offer 2021", 4TB with unlimited 100mbps for $13 and 6GB RAM. I liked their machine a lot. It's not Ryzen, but the performance felt pretty decent in general. After all you are here for the storage.

I wanted to setup my VM with custom installation in order to rearrange the partitions and I had to open a ticket for that, but they are very quick and helpful.

My problem was that the connectivity between Hetzner and their DC was not good. At times, I experienced high latency and bandwidth issues, which were not their fault, as at the same time the VM had very good connectivity with other parts of the world.

Highly recommended for a try, I wish them to expand their business to EU as well.

Very low prices. I got 2TB on 1Gbps port for 5.5EUR + VAT. You should definitely try them. I didnt. I only saw later that they use ov6 for their storage VMs and I began feeling uncomfortable using Debian 9 and seeing libc6 errors about compatibility with kernel 2.6. If you are ok with this, you should try them.

I got one of their storage VPS in Sofia, 1TB for EUR 5 + VAT, 3TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM. First thought, I wish they had some more free bandwidth. I mean, just moving your 1TB backup there and you already have 30% of bandwidth off.

Pretty decent service, very good connectivity with Europe. A few things that drew my attention are something around 2% steal time on a 20%-30% cpu usage during backup CRC verification (which is pretty acceptable for this kind of service). The CPU is not fully exposed to the VM so I cannot tell what CPU the host is running in order to understand how well this VM behaves compared to what the CPU is capable of. BUT we are here for the storage not for the CPU, so it's definitely recommended for a EU storage solution.

My order was being rejected twice as being a fraud so I had to interact with their support in order them to allow me to order. Which was strange, since I was giving my real details, but on the other hand it's a very good thing since they seem very serious about who they allow to get in.

I got the STOR-2T in London @ 1gbps port speed (which is 1gbps indeed), 2GB RAM for 11.24EUR per month (which can fall as low as 8.99 if you pay annually)

Very good experience and highly recommended. Near perfect latency with our servers in Hetzner, very high speeds and very fair price for what they offer. From VM behavior it was also clear that I did not have any "noisy neighbors" on that host, and my understanding is that they try hard to keep things that way on these VMs.

My todo list:
BuyVM Luxembourg storage slabs: Unfortunatelly out of stock, I keep an eye on them
alwyzon.com: they seem very promising but unfortunatelly out of stock

I will be more than happy if you add more providers for my todo list.

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