OVH Game reseller ⭐ Customizable resources ⭐Starting from 5,85$ per month (BTC accepted)

Hello, friends!
Since we released some IP addresses from the OVH Game server, we thought we would go to the next step and offer our customers the opportunity to buy Cloud resources to assign to their liking.

You will find below some screenshots to see the cloud services management interface.

The strengths of this service are that you can create as many VPS servers as you have IP addresses and you can change the amount of resources assigned to a particular VPS server at any time.

The difference between us and our competitors is:

powerful 4Ghz processor
ability to pay with cryptocurrencies
unlimited monthly traffic (optional, standard 30 TB)
low price for the offered resources (For example: 2 Euro for 1 vCPU 4 Ghz / 32 Euro for 64GB RAM / 10 eurocents for 1 GB SSD).

Depending on the feedback received for this service, we will expand the offer for servers in Romania.

Sincerely, Florin.

Buy here:

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