case study: racknerd (marketing, and beyond)

this thread isn't about being a hit piece, it's about realism.

there's lessons to be learned here, let us begin:

1) get eyes on your offers

dustin more or less created the "bump to get double bandwidth" - he knows 90% of people won't use even 25% of bandwidth, but he'll get his threads on top consistently.

the more eyes, the more sales, good publicity or bad.

2) incentivization

humans are basic really, if you incentivize someone to do something, they'll probably do it, even if it's in your favor.

(such as the bumps.)

the same thing works for the giveaways he does i.e. like this page, follow this page, you might get a $20 chinese keyboard.

3) make connections

with the right connections you can do big things.

the right connections can make people forget your past.

4) PR

in continuance to the last point -- dustin is overly robotic, internally he might be >:-| but externally he keeps it pg and "professional".

though, it does work for specific audiences, particularly B2B.

5) be flexible

dustin is ultimately a reseller, when he expands he's not really expanding, he's just renting a new server and delegating the resources out.

that way his investment isn't too big, and you can make moves fast.

6) value stacking (as mentioned in one of my past threads)

alike many others, dustin recently advertised free clientexec with an existing service what costs him a monthly NOC fee he can then and go advertise to his clients as $100+ yearly value for a low ticket product.

the perception matters, and the value is conveyed.

there's more to it than that, but that covers the bases.

dustin is a good salesman, i'm sure he brings in good money.

man to man i can respect the hustle.



P.S. comment #COCKANDBALLS for absolutely nothing.

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