Relegendable keycaps for your macropad, the best thing ever for productivity

As you might know, I've got a weird keyboard. It is an Ergodox EZ, it's split up in two halves and for me it's the best thing ever to combat RSI. I've also got a weird mouse, a left handed vertical mouse, for the same reason. Even 15 minutes on a regular setup and my wrists and shoulders hurt. The next best thing is my standing desk and number three is having regular breaks with small exercises. One downside to the Ergodox is that you have less keys than on a regular keyboard. This is solved with layers, just like when holding SHIFT or CTRL, a key does something different. SHIFT is the layer for capital letters and symbols, with the Ergodox you can define your own layers. I however cannot get used to layers, not even after 7 years of using the Ergodox. Not a problem, I've got an extra keyboard in the middle, next to my mouse, with 8 or 9 keys just for my most often used shortcuts. It's called a macropad, one I've soldered myself and one I've bought on a well-known chinese webstore. One at work and one at home, both run QMK, firmware that allows me to program the macropad with my own shortcuts. Recently a video from Atomic Shrimp (awesome channel) showed off relegendable keycaps. Those are transparent keycaps with an insert for your own label. Before I had relegendable keycaps, I had regular keycaps for the macropad, for example, the `L` key sends `CTRL+ALT+L` to lock the desktop. Now, with these awesome keycaps, I have a dedicated `LOCK` key. This is such a big quality of life improvement, especially when using the CLion debugger shortcuts. This post covers my usage of the macropads, the re-legendable keycaps and shows you a few pictures of the macropads, both before and after.

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