attention, problems, and solutions (#3)

in continuance to my last two threads, i'm publishing the third and final series of how to actually sell shit.

there's ultimately two frameworks that encompass the entire marketing sphere:


attention, interest, desire, action.

2) PAS

problem, agitate, solutions.

these work perfectly together, here's how:

(A)ttention, people are frequently distracted in the modern age, quite literally the attention of goldfish.

you need to write killer headlines that grab attention. it depends on the industry but various things work.

in some high clickbait markets anti-headlines can work well, such as this where i've literally written emails that are titled "another email" and it gets a 30% open rate in an hour.

it depends on the culture of the audience, @seriesn usually does this well here.

(I)nterest - this encompasses problem.

to catch someones interest, you need to speak directly to them and understand your target audience better than they understand themselves.

your product needs to solve a (P)roblem, more on that later.


this is where content marketing comes into hand, once you understand your target audience you can really rub the issue in and position yourself.

here's an example in this market:

a guy runs a gameserver and constantly gets knocked offline.

(this is his problem.)

let's say you're OVH, you approach him and explain his problem, make him understand how your DDoS protection works and how much better his life will be with your solution.

this agitation is what generates (D)esire

now for (S)olution:

at this point you've got attention, generated interest through speaking directly to your audience, explained to your customer his problem, agitated it while preframing your product as the solution which is what builds desire.

you at this point present your product as the solution.

finally, you can host your alt-right site without worry of being deplatformed @Francisco

finally, you can run your gameserver without being DDoSed

finally, you can host your warez with cociu, etc.

this is how you stop commoditizing your service.

you're not selling a product or service, you're solving a problem and being paid for it.

it's no longer a race to the bottom.

and last but not least...

A(ction) you need to give them a reason to act.

this was already mentioned in a previous thread, but important.

it's usually done through scarcity otherwise known as deals.

set a timer, set a quantity.

give them a reason to act now.

pinky promise, it'll work.

alas, an end to the series.

much love,


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