dedicated server review (bad)

Hey there,

I recently came across a company called They had good priced dedicated servers in France (online) and in the Netherlands.

I ordered a dedicated server: France Dedicated Server - Server- FRA 2, for €36,99EUR (comes with 32GB of ram).

I was told they offer no KVM for me to install my OS but they can install any OS I want. I asked for Window server in the checkout page, a few hours later I received login info to the server via RDP. Windows was already activated (weird? Normally I would not expect them to give free licence!) and I found a couple of unprofessional software installed already like Internet Download manager, it sounded a bit weird to me.
The CPU performance was very poor and I tried some video editing/processing and the encoding process was way too slow for what I expected from the CPU (even slower than my hetzner with i7-2600).
When I checked the server I had 64 Gigs of ram, I told their support they gave me extra 32 GB of RAM, it was literally removed in 1 minute during the chat. This was a huge a RED FLAG to me as they can’t remove physical ram from a dedicated server in 1 minute, I knew it was a VPS, I asked the person in the chat how they removed RAM this fast, she replied “sorry I can not give further details via chat please open a ticket”. I navigated a bit in the server to double check and I confirmed what was delivered is actually a VPS and not a dedicated server.

Some other red flags:
The disk is supposed to be 2TB, the server shows 1843GiB, but it's supposed to show 1862GiB, the 19migs of difference show someone did the calculation and allocated the 2TB manually from a larger drive.
Crystal disk info shows disk not found, this is a common behavior that happens with crystal disk info when trying to run through virtualization (like with VMware, etc).

When I contacted support, they admitted and said they have no dedis yet, “they’re coming soon”. They offered a refund and asked me to give them a positive review on, I refused their request for a positive review as they didn’t deserve one and told them I will be nice enough not to post any negative reviews. The service disappeared from my account and I thought the problem was solved so I honored my word and considered it just an “honest” mistake.
One month later, I was charged for renewal of the cancelled service via PayPal. Contacted their support they refused to give me a refund and claimed I had the server for a second month, but there was no invoice for the second month! Luckily, I was able to get my money back thanks to PayPal.

Tl;dr: don’t buy from them. They seem nice when you contact them for pre-sales question, but they suck after you buy.

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