BuyVM / Frantech review. 3 year customer.

Hello, I've been a customer of Frantech / BuyVM for about 3 years.

I've been through a lot at Frantech, starting out with a single VPS, canceling it and then eventually getting up to a small army of VPS's for various services for my company and projects.

From the start I was highly annoyed that most of my orders would get rejected because my IP location doesn't match my own. I run a hotspot for internet - it's not really my fault the provider of the hotspot can't bother to Geolocate properly.

With that aside, everything has been very smooth. Services have been progressively getting better with more features being added to their Stallion control panel over time. Admittedly I do not take advantage of the DDoS protected IP's so I can't comment directly about them - I just know a lot of folks use them with great success.

I gravitated towards BuyVM at first because of the humor, with humor like that you know it's gon' be good. Later on learning that they are very pro-free speech. There's no arbitrary non-legal related restrictions in the AUP / ToS. If it's legal and you're not causing a problem you're good. At first I thought this as just a nice bonus.

That was till a project I run came under some intense social media pressure where a bunch of folks who thought they're doing good for the mob attempted to cancel me at the provider level. "Is it legal? Yes? Is it causing abuse of Frantech? No? Cool." Glad to know there are providers out there that understand these situations.

From a product standpoint, the VPS's are fantastic for the price. I understand my 512 slices are fair share cpu - but they're not limited so I can still install updates and compile some quick software updates as needed. Reliability is generally pretty great. No Frantech is not a 5'9s provider, I'm OK with a few minutes of downtime on a saturday night because someone got mad at Fran again. In terms of getting what I pay for, I get exactly what I pay for.

I've only submitted a few support tickets that were answered promptly.


I get a lot more than what I pay for, BuyVM has a wonderous community around it on IRC / Discord where everyone who can shares tips, tricks and tries to walk people through tasks and issues.

The staff of a company make or break it in a lot of case, and the staff at Frantech have been absolutely outstanding the entire time I've been around.

On a slightly more personal note, my own interactions with Fran:
In my free time I have been building my own small VPS host, and specifically chose to rack my first VPS hardware node in the same DC as Frantech. I did this because I know I will have customers that want more single thread speed for their VPS's and I can easily refer them to Frantech for that a few racks over.

When my server arrived at the DC the techs went to rack it but it had two left rails. Something I didn't check when I shipped it out. Fran said to grab a right rail from his rail stash. Absolutely wonderful.

Then they racked it, and it wasn't powering on. Fran told me to have them drop it off in his private cage as he was going into the DC that night, and that he'd take a look at it. He didn't have to do this at all, and offered it as he'd be there.

Upon showing up Fran noticed that UPS had damaged my server, even though it was packed in 4" of foam.

Taken apart, the power button ribbon connector was ripped off of the pcb.

Fran pulled a power button assembly off of a spare chassis of his and installed it on my own node so it could operate again. Even powered it on to just make sure it starts. That's some serious dedication to the craft. I've been going through some stuff lately and having Fran step up like that to help me out means a lot more than I can really express.

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