HowTo: Self install Ubuntu on HostSolutions provided VPS

Hi all,

I like to run my VPS with my own self installed OS, in most cases this is done from booting from ISO but some providers only provide a template like HostSolutions. I do this mostly so I can run with LUKS and LVM on the VPS but others might have other use cases. With permissions from @cociu I'm posting this guide.

Here are the instructions I use, some steps might be duplicated or even not needed so YMMV but I've followed this a few times over now and had good outcomes. I've only ever done this on a fresh install so not needed a backup and I don't worry about keeping data. The instructions are not tested on a machine with data!

At a high level we need to shrink the current root drive as it's taking up the whole disk, create a new partition ready for the install and then install to it and shuffle the partitions around. There are a handful of reboots in the process so make sure you have a console open but you'll also want SSH to make copy and paste ease.

I've had to put the instructions off the LET site becuase Cloudflare kept blocking me putting them in so here they are:
Steps for reinstalling Ubuntu on a HostSolutions VPS

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