X4B Review (2020) - Stay away!!

Hello everyone!

Today, I'd like to tell you a few words about my experience on X4B. Based on the title, you kind of already assume how it'll end up being...

X4B in numbers:
Support : 1/10
DDoS Mitigation: 9/10
Network latency (in Europe: UK, Netherlands, Germany - tested on 3 different hosts) : 3/10
Panel: 10/10
Ease of use: 3/10


Support :
If you ever experience any issues with their service, bugs on their end, or anything, just anything you'd have to contact their support over, they'll in 99.9% of the cases tell you to fu** off (in a nice way). They are rude and never willing to help. An hour of work is billed at $40 (or more) (if I remembered correctly). But the problem is not just that I don't know how to setup their service - I do! But they are trying to make me pay to fix bugs on their end... Unacceptable behavior. I sent them multiple traceroutes, pings, my provider name, they could've used their looking glass to fix the majority of the problems! Even after all that, they are telling me that I need to send them additional info but didn't even tell me what info... As an addition, WHATEVER I DO IS a PROBLEM WITH MY CONFIGURATION, NOT THEIRS! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I'M NOT A BEGINNER WITH THIS STUFF, I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR OVER 2 YEARS!

DDoS Mitigation :
Excellent, no need to talk much on that part. It'll protect you from 99.9% of the attacks with pretty much no bypasses. It'll block everything from website attacks, DDoS attacks, any other UDP/TCP attacks on any OSI layer up to game exploits and MC bots... Just incredibly well made!

Network Latency :
Worst in the industry. Expect your latency to be at least 15ms higher, but maybe up to 40, with jumps from 30 (on origin)ms to 100+ms when connecting to X4B. And what did their support do about that? Take a guess:
A) Change routes and optimize ping further ( as I'm routed to the UK instead of the Netherlands POP XD - from Serbia )
Contact their partners and peers to see what can they do to fix the problem
C) Tell me to fu** off and did absolutely nothing

Panel :
1000000/10. You can configure every single rule, do anything you'd want... From ReverseProxy configuration for L7 up to L4 rules. Anything that'll work on packet inspection filtering from WireShark, works on X4B. Possibilities are outstanding.

Please, due to the mentioned reasons, even tho the interface is great, as well as DDoS protection, it's not worth your money as you'll most likely end up with an incredible latency increase, with no further support from their team.

Screenshots of some of their other reviews:

Now, take a look at this autistic response:

Even tho I responded with so many details in the past:

Like wtf... Anyways, please let me know if you had such experience with them

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