My GREAT experience with nexusbytes <3 <3

Hey there guys.

I'm just passing by to share my experience with nexusbytes and hopefully encourage some of you to join their family.

I had been using Nexusbytes very generous Storage VPS for some time and every time I had a question Seriesn (the guy who reps them here on LET and Discord) would provide help and go above and beyond in order to help me solve whichever issue I had.

For business reasons we had to look for a reseller host provider and we took the buyout sale that Nexusbytes had been offering. Seriesn's help was crucial for ensuring that our business kept sailing smoothly while we transferred over to the new hosts. Also did I mention their AWESOME premium email hosting? Our clients are awed by it.

I can't describe how thankful I am for their support. Migrating from cPanel to DA at first wasn't easy for us (or rather me, as I manage the tech day to day of the business) but again seriesn went above and beyond to help and guide me during the process. He gave me the customer service that no provider, regardless of the context, is expected to give to a client (in a very good way I mean this).

If you're looking for a storage vps or a good webhost service I can't recommend nexusbytes more.

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