ApisCP Review

A while back I posted a thread about needing a new panel for WordPress, I ended up using ApisCP.

It didn't look like a Cpanel clone, and had a unique approach. I don't really like DirectAdmin, and you can tell @nem takes pride in his product.

Natively it has resource limits, billing panel automations, autoinstallers, and autoupdating, and more. It revivals Plesk in terms of native integrations with apps like WordPress and laps DirectAdmin.

Another major benefit for me is it's easy to theme and whitelabel.

It also got an extremely good review by Rack 911, so it's secure for sure.

Plus @nem is highly active in Discord and helped me with a WordPress related issue that wasn't even really his problem, which lead me to posting a little bit of free press since he went out of his way.

All together, highly recommended coming from someone who's posts are 99% shit posts ;-)

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